Don’t wait to enjoy the most affordable and best Vietnamese food restaurant in Oceanside.  Pho Oceanside Vietnamese Restaurant is located at the intersection of Oceanside Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in the South Oceanside downtown area.


The best Vietnamese food restaurant in Oceanside offers exceptional service and quality food at a great value.  Pho Oceanside’s menu brings Vietnamese style food with hearty portions that will make anyone who enjoys Asian food coming back.


Pho Oceanside offers its guests with beer, wine and television viewing.  The restaurant is both clean, well-kept and relaxing.  Equally important, the food is served once it is cooked, so one can rest assured it is going to be “right off the grill.”


The menuis filled with choices that almost anyone will like.  This is a meat-eaters haven with some vegan options for those who prefer it.


Additionally, the best Vietnamese restaurant in Oceanside is adorned with decorations which add to its authenticity.


In all, Pho Oceanside has everything a person seeking quality Vietnamese food will enjoy.   With exceptional service and a friendly wait staff, it is the perfect place for a couples and families to try something different and enjoy the best Vietnamese food restaurant in Oceanside


The best Vietnamese food restaurant in Oceanside is open every day from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm.  The staff will also accommodate reservations for large groups.  For those who enjoy the late night dash, the Pho staff is ready to welcome you for a full dining experience.


Come and see why Pho Oceanside is the best Vietnamese food restaurant in Oceanside for yourself.  Pho Oceanside combines quality and value in a way that many other restaurants could only hope for.


Don’t wait any longer and take the time to enjoy the best Vietnamese food restaurant in Oceanside.